Friday, March 23, 2007

wii creation resources...

I've been working on a "top secret" project for the Nintendo Wii, so here's some of my research I've compiled, because I love you all!

- A Wii SDK (Software Development Kit) costs around $1700, which is super cheap compared to other platforms (the Playstation 3 SDK is around $50,000). Here's how to apply for one...

- Here's a tutorial on how to use Live Move's motion recognizers(which comes with the SDK) to tell you what users are doing with their wii controllers...

- The official site of AiLive and LiveMove.

- ALSO! I've found this site which allows you to play interactive games via the wiimote (the wii controller) through flash actionscripting, thus keeping everything dynamic online. This would save the time in actually developing a full blown application. Also, creating a "wii channel" is probably out of the question, since you have to get approval from Nintendo and they only have approved and use their own channels for now. If you're curious as to what a channel is, here's the answer.

- This guy at DustyPixels has messing around with his wiimote and flash and managed to get it to communicate with flash using all the motion sensing functionality and buttons, there's a video on it too.

- Pixel Frames has managed to try and wrange all the usefull knowledge from blogs and stuff concerning flash and wii interactivity.

- has released an API that allows you to adapt flash games to use on the wiimote, here's an article on it.

- A handy web design guide for the wii browswer.

- Wii only supports Flash 7 for now, although in a month a new Opera browser will be released and possibly will support 9.

- An article on how to make the wiimote work in flash from quasimondo and yet another article.

- Here's a gesture recognition test in the flash player to be tested on the wii.

- Flash games to play on the wii.

- Lastly... Duck Hunt!

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nathew said...

pretty neat. though i don't like how they limit development to "established game companies". however, i'm no programmer, so it's not like it matters for me.

anything come of this yet?