Friday, March 09, 2007

indie film log #1

We finished 90% of the script last weekend so we're going for it. My good friend Alex and I have been writing a short film story over the past year, with the working title "Wetback". It consists of 4 intertwining story lines between the nameless faces of a mexican man, russian girl, asian woman and an Islamic man. We have no budget, no permits to film anywhere, but we do have a kick-ass camera (DVX-100B) and nothing is stopping us. Since the film consists of 4 parts, we'll be shooting one part per weekend. At that rate we should be complete filming/editing by April. This weekend we'll be scouting out for prime locations which include a factory, long street with phonebooth, two dark moody apartments, a pre-school, neon club and a mosque.

If you're in the Atlanta area, we have the following roles available for casting auditions:
Large Redneck Man, Young Russian Woman, Russian Man, Asian Salon Worker, Older Asian Woman, Young (5ish) Asian Boy, and an Arabic Man.

Please contact me if you're interested. No pay, but we'll have a good time and it will possibly make you super famous. Good night and I'll be posting more soon on our progress and the making a dolly/tripod contraption similar to this little bugger on the right -->

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Anonymous said...

i have a blogger thing but i don't remember my log in. this is measly.

i love your blog though, it rules. i bet aaron will like it, cause you always have neat things posted. INSPIRE TO BE MORE, indeed!

and i can't wait for the progress in this film...those two in the photo [alex and his wife] introduced themselves to me as TOTAL PERVS even though i really don't think they're that perverted. i'm pretty perverted myself. but yeah i like them.