Wednesday, November 29, 2006

flex your music muscle

Click on the image above to see how many bands you can find! (64 total)

You May

Seripop are incredably talented artists and have some very cool gig posters for sale over at

manchester orchestra

Mucho kudos to to my friend Leigh for hooking me up these amazing peeps... be sure to pick up their new album!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Get yourself on out to the Star Bar Wednesday night where you not only get to see some lovely burlesque ladies perform but also support Lionheart, a local school for children living with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. The Sweetloves and Black Mona Lisa are also playing. They're also featured in Pine Magazine this month.


The mind-blowing portfolio of Nazario Graziano makes me want to slit my wrists.

Liam Lynch

The guy is a true inspiration, morphing himself into a creator, writer, musician, actor, director, producer, designer, and more. Be sure to check out his podcast too... very bizzare stuff!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Hidden world of animal pregnancy

On December 10th, check out the National Geographic Channel Using a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras, stunning pictures of animals in the womb have been produced showing how they develop.

The Art of Gaman

The arts and crafts from the Japanese American Internment camps of 1942-1946 currently being displayed at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco.

Jan Bollaert

His pieces aren't narrative - not prosaic, but perhaps more poetic, attempting to provide the viewer with enough interesting elements to make up his own mind – if they so choose.


B2D4 are selling some pretty cool video game themed scarves.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mars Observer Effect

Umbrella Market is offering some shit-your-pants cool art prints for very reasonable prices. Check'em out!

Spit Tastes Like Metal

AIDS Wolf play fucking insane grating, agitated, twitchy noise/music.... and their new music video totally freaked me out.

It's 3 am in Kyoto

Stuart Lee is my all time favorite photographer on Flickr.

A Week in a Life

This week Scene from My Life features a week with Hannah in Beijing. If you check out the archives, I was featured in May.



StudioChu, porfolio online del artista Julian Pablo Manzelli.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Guantanamo Disneyland

You're brilliant Banksy. Watch the video to see how he did it...

Ginza Elevator UI

This insane UI runs in Apple's multi-level Ginza retail store in Tokyo, Japan, explaining each floor and destination reached by the non-stop elevator.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Islands are Forever!

Yay!! One of my favorite bands ever, Islands (formerly known as The Unicorns) are playing tonight at the EyeDrum in Atlanta. If you're in town, come check them out, they're sure not to disappoint! Check out their myspace page or website for more stuff.

...ummm, yeah, you're going to hell

These are so painful to watch, check out "I Don't Need A Vice" and "Trinity Schminity"

Badge Competition '06

Attention all you crazy badge addicts!! The deadline to create awesome badges for the Annual StereoHype Badge Contest '06 is this friday, so step it up and enter!

Global Oh!

Global Orgasm Day (December 22nd), just might effect positive change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible surge of human energy, a Synchronized Global Orgasm. Ummm... and we'll pickup the energy through giant golden eggs, or something like that.

What is Rolphing?

The first step to meditation.

Two podcasts you need to subscribe too...

Fecal Face &
CBC Radio 3

5K - Matt and Kim

They play in New York all the time, so try to go see a show if you're out there... here's their newest video with an impromptu food fight at one of their shows.

Nice outfit Bush!

I was reading the New York Times this morning and came across this bizzare photo... here's the article.

Wanted: man to land on killer asteroid

Armageddon is only a matter of time, and NASA wants to recruit YOU?

Friday, November 17, 2006

It's Arrived...

...and no, I'm not one of the lucky few that got their hands on one.

Smoking Aces

Holy-shit this flick looks insane... check out the trailer.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

1 Week of Mural Painting Time Lapse

I was mesmerized by this clip... and the artists ability to take their amazing pieces and start over so many times... just let it go. They also have a YouTube channel where you can check out more videos!

Happy Birthday ALF!

Today is Alf's birthday, so be sure to celebrate and eat your cat today!

Under Mars

The name "Under Mars" is an homage both to Mars, the Roman God of War, and to the otherworldly nature of the experience. The goal of this site is exclusively to share photos of the experience of war, without politicizing, censoring, or editing.

2K by Gingham

Check out these kick-ass tshirt designs by a ton of really talented designers. The list just keeps on growing!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Matt's Sketchbook

My good friends Olivia and Matt just got back from their honeymoon in Italy, great photos, and I especially love the sketchbook/triplog! Matt also paints, check out his paintings!


The latest project from Alexandre Orion who's been spending time in the tunnels of Sao Paulo scraping the deposited exhaust soot tunnel walls to make hundreds of skulls. Great work and keep at it Orion!!

David Lynch on Ideas

Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto's "Cold Ice Age" solo show is opening at the BLK/MRKT Gallery on my birthday! (November 18th - Saturday)

Paths of Hate

This movie has some HUGE potential... amazing animation indeed.

Song of the Day

Kimya Dawson sings at Mains d'Oeuvres in Paris... Beer.mp3

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Inland Empire

Why would David Lynch sit on the corner of Hollwood Blvd and La Brea with a cow?

New York Imposter

No really, it's ok.

American Thoroughbred

Great work from Marc Burckhardt.

The Church of Craft

Do you think there is a relationship between crafting and changing the world? Yes.

Woodstock in North Korea?

In a band? Any plans for early May? No? North Korea invites you to participate in Rock for Peace in Pyong Yang, the reclusive nation's capital.

"This is the very first time in history that North Korea allows western musicians in the heart of DPRK territory to play capitalist popular music. There are few restrictions and conditions on participation but any band will be considered even though you are from USA. The lyrics should not contain admirations on war, sex, violence, murder, drug, rape, non-governmental society, imperialism, colonialism, racism, anti-DPRK, and anti-socialism. The concert will be held from May 01 to May 04, 2007 under the management of Voice of Korea. We currently received requests of 41 bands from 19 countries and participations are increasing everyday. 'ROCK FOR PEACE' will be the 2007 version of Woodstock rock festival in 1969 but in different location and in different goals."

Monday, November 13, 2006

Short #1: Air - Don't be Light

Ok, here's the song/music video of the day...It's pretty old and the MTV Icon in the corner is BURNING MY EYES OUT, but whatever. If anyone knows who made this please comment!

Short #2: Barfight

Thank you Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbick. You guys are amazing.

Short #3: Kiwi !

Dony Permedi, a character animator graces us with his master's thesis animated short.


My incredibly talented girlfriend is currently showing her paintings at the Righteous Room in Atlanta. Her work has been getting a great vibe from the art community and she's been selling pieces like mad. You can check out her most recent work online at MySpace or her website.

Margot Quan Knight

Giving physical form to loneliness, exuberance, and wonder.


So although I avoid ad campaigns on my blog, this video (and campaign) for Dove digs deep in issues of low self-esteem and beauty disoriented.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The top censored news stories of 2005-2006

1. Net Neutrality
2. Halliburton and Iran
3. World Oceans in Extreme Danger
4. Poverty Increasing in the United States
5. High-Tech Genocide in Congo
6. Whistleblower Protection in Jeopardy
7. U.S. Operatives Do Torture
8. Pentagon Exempt From FOIA
9. World Bank Funds Israel-Palestine Wall
10. Expanded Air War in Iraq

For 30 years, Sonoma State University's Project Censored has released an annual list of the most important news stories not covered by the corporate media in the United States. Here again are the Top 10 news stories that didn't make much news.

Project Psychiatry

Photography essay by Jurgen Huiskes, who studied photographic design while being a social therapist in a psychiatric hospital in Hague. He developed an interest in people with schizophrenia which has developed into the ongoing project "The world of a schizophrenic". He has tried giving an impression of the universal occurance of this disease through Spain, Belgium, Romania and Holland and will soon visit Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Iran, Turkey, Greece and several other countries in Eastern Europe to complete his project.


Bernhard Willhelm

Bizzare photography by Tonk

Unser Taglich Brot (Our Daily Bread)

Welcome to the world of industrial food production and high-tech farming! To the rhythm of conveyor belts and immense machines, the film looks without commenting into the places where food is produced in Europe: monumental spaces, surreal landscapes and bizarre sounds - a cool, industrial environment which leaves little space for individualism. People, animals, crops and machines play a supporting role in the logistics of this system which provides our society's standard of living.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Black Gold

If you drink coffee, go see this film.


Here's some pretty swanky wallpaper from a few very talented people...
Nama Rococo
Lotta Kuhihorn
Lene Toni Kjeld

Bad TV = Pornography ?

So I discovered the rare quirky jewel TV Carnage, the video above pretty much explains the concept, pretty hilarious stuff

Si Scott

Holy shit! Scott's work reminds me of the mind-blowing type I've seen in back issues of Tokion Magazine. When I see a designer that actually takes the time to sit down and hand draw their pieces, I am truely inspired. Too many people now days rely on cheap computer gimmicks and tools to make up for their slack or lack which has become the norm thing to do.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Roots of Shinjuku

(from Take Junichiro - (訳:Justin Jesty)

At the end of the 20th century In the underground beneath the enormous metropolis of Shinjuku.
There was a commune, an independent nation even, of people who lived their lives on the street.

Hundreds of cardboard houses grew up in the underground passageways of the west exit. On each of these houses were paintings. Mysterious and magical, they threw vivid colors of resistance out into space, a kaleidoscope of derisive laughter against the state.

A group of painters painted them. Leading the group was Take Junichiro, who is also the person who made this website. Once during the painting process Take was arrested and forced to spend 22 days in jail. The painting continued even after his arrest, but finally came to an end when the underground kingdom was destroyed in a huge fire.

After the fire, the authorities started reconstruction on the tunnels so that the homeless could never occupy them again. They succeeded in kicking the homeless out of the west exit underground.

This website was made to call attention to the paintings on the cardboard houses, and bring back to life the kingdom within a city that once was there but has now become nothing more than a phantom.

The works included here are only a small portion of all the works that were painted.

The photographs here are the work of photographer Sakokawa Naoko and others who sympathized with what we were doing. They generously gave their permission to use them.

We give them our deep thanks.

This wasn’t art that bowed to the system, nor did it have the weakness of finding authenticity only in its marginalization. This is why the work that sustained the cardboard art is so important and valuable.

Hung Over from Whale Orgies

Song of the Day:
Threeway Rendezuous! The Wet Spots

Ran across this talented young lady this morning...

Maya Hayuk really makes me feel inadiquate and stupid for not painting on everything and anything I can get my hands on... her chicken coop hottub is hilarious, check out her work.

Tropical Toxic

Tomer Hanuka is one of my all time favorite illustrators. Found out he's blogging now too!

PostCard Polaroid

This is one cool idea...

Whales and Orgies

David Choe is my new art hero. He's pure talent crazy man always creating new pieces, taging shit, searching for dinosaurs in the congo, and whatever and everything I should be, but not.

Playground Rules

David Huyck's collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations center around the ethics of the playground. Great pieces, and the large images make for great wallpapers for your desktop too!


My music guru friend Leigh just pointed me to this group of three San Fransisco talents... the track "Shadows" is especially friscalicious!

Missing Pages

Check out this 24 min short film created entirely with a digital still camera using over 40,000 still photos with a process called "fotomation".