Sunday, April 11, 2010

Film Log #1: "Good Morning, Love"

I'm directing the short film "Good Morning - Love" starring Arjun Gupta (Nurse Jackie, Fringe) and Anna Lamadrid (The Sopranos, Williamsburg) soon, so I'll be logging the progress through this blog as I have just received the script from the very talented writer Rachael Holder. So, here we go... below is a rough list of what I'm working on during pre-production (storyboards are next, as well as more narrowed down moodboards):

Color Palette - Beginning vs End:

Color/Mood - Beginning vs End:

Opening Credits Typeface - Trithart:

Ending Credits Typeface - Hannah:


Hair Style (not color):

Travis Style:

**Note: all of the images (except for the storyboards) were found in various places and I take no claim to the credit of these images, they're just used as reference and keep the mood of what we're trying to convey.

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