Thursday, May 24, 2007


"This piece is part of a line of work I have been developing over the last year or so, which is called "Urban Impressionism", in which represent 3D objects in 2-Dimensions through shadows. These shadows are created at a particular point of day, or night, and later stenciled and spray-painted in order to resemble real shadows. Through this process I am able to discuss light and form, in an unconventional way, placing it directly on the streets of the contemporary urban "cityscape" that surrounds us.

Ideally I hope to create a moment of magic or illusion in which the spectator or passer-by questions the space around him/her, through the shadows that are either naturally cast or artificially created. This particular piece incorporates text to politicize a very important issue for many of us today- the end of the war in many regions of our globalized world.

PS. I noticed that on the site, the piece had been mistakenly tagged as a "chalk" piece... The piece itself is was stenciled on the floor using a shadow cast by a light post at night, and later carefully sprayed with a 'camouflage black' can."

Via Wooster Collective

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