Wednesday, February 14, 2007

photo of the day: wednesday

Last night I stopped by my local Aurora Coffee shop in L5P and stumbled on these amazing pieces. When I asked the dude whipping me up an espresso who the artist was, his reply was it was a "confidential" artist, reason being he does a lot of graffiti and doesn't want to be identified. I tried to press harder with no luck. If you have any idea who did these, please let me know!!

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Lillian said...

He's got to come in and pick up his stuff eventually. Do you want me to organize a stakeout? I'll e-mail you as soon as I hear banging on the walls, and you can rush on over "for coffee." Although I guess when he takes the art down, it won't be as loud as it was when it was going up. I suppose I should rethink this stakeout business. Hmmm.